Monday, March 5, 2012

7 Days in Milan Fashion Week F/W 2012 Round-Up

Milan didn't disappoint. 7 days of straight up damn good shows. Here my my usual top 8, enjoy :)

1) Gucci
The Gucci team broke records with their F/W 11 collection after scoring over 100+ covers, most in any designer label alone. The textiles this season consisted of velvet, silk, and chiffon. The crystals and the embroidery was so so so amazing. The makeup consisted of vampy lips that was perfect and didn't take over the looks. It didn't include as much color as I was hoping for, but it stayed true to the eerie/ mysterious theme that Gucci normally has during their F/W collections that they show every year. The hair was simple, gorgeous, and feminine with models walking with flawy long hair with small cute little barrettes.

2) Jil Sander
This was the last collection of Raf Simons at Jil Sander (possibly his next move is Dior?). Feminine pastel pinks were unexpected on my part but worked like magic in the collection. He stayed true to his design ascetic of minimalism with perfectly tailored long coats. The set was a maze with large bouquets of flowers enclosed in large glass cases. Lastly, the shoes were incredible, not towering tall (like I like) but it was simple with metallic silver and purple straps.

3) Roberto Cavalli
Usually when I write my Round-Ups of fashion week, the clothes/designs/creativity part are the main focuses and the beauty aspect rarely comes in and doesn't affect the show's ranking too much. But in this case, the Cavalli team was amazing at the makeup. The eyes were an iridescent green/purple that flattered all the models. If you follow my twitter and/or tumblr, you would know ;) Its ashame how the amazing sunglasses covered up the makeup, but oh well. The show itself was spectacular as well. I really liked how he used reptile scales and incorporated them flawlessly into his looks. and i loved the large amounts of gold and glitter there made me all giddy :)

4)Antonio Berardi
He does amazing cocktail dresses. I know it. You know it. He knows it. Everyone knows it. It is that amazing. Even though the simple A-line skirts were not that original, he knows how to dazzle it up. Not to be harsh though, but his 'Oscar' dresses won't make it to the Oscars or any Red Carpets sadly...just because I think he tries to over do it and the models end up like they are dragging yards (or even miles) of fabric. 

5) Moschino
Giant bows in the model's hair and the winged eyeliner gave the show a preppy chic style. It also had a sporty part to it because their were a few pieces here and there of ski jackets and such. The big gold buttons had a sort of military chic part that was a trendy a while ago but it was cute at the same time. It reminded me of my childhood and how I used to look sporting jackets 2 sizes to big, french braids, and big ass bows in my hair (i was a bow fan).

6) Prada
I was disappointed because I wanted to watch it LIVE on their website but it took to damn long to load and I have no patience. I wasn't too crazy because of one thing. the prints. I personally think that Ms. Prada does everything beautifully, its just that prints aren't really her thing. Overall though, it wasn't as bad as I just described it, I'm just harsh :) But the hair had an ombre effect that I really liked and I think I am going to get my hair done like that. Just from black to light brown, not some crazy colors though. The embellishments were my favorite part and added a lot of class to the collection. 

7) Versace
The hair. Blech. The makeup. So So. The clothes. Wonderful. I loved the huge amounts of leather that Donetella used, it was fabulous! She stuck to the classic Versace of leather, studs, and this time she added an interesting new part: JEWELS! The dresses were structured on the top but flowy at the same time as usual. There was a little more fur than i expected and hoped but it worked quite nicely. A lot of the looks also had religious (i guess) parts to it like crosses and all...I liked it, but didn't necessarily understand it.

8) Giles
I thought that this collection was beautiful and really creative. I just thought that the silhouettes weren't original and were over-used a lot. But if you haven't seen the details from this collection you are missing out. From a distance (normal runway shot) it looks like the Giles team has burned the fabric creating holes here and there. But closely, It was sequins and glitter that formed it which i thought was PURE genius. The actual hair ties used in the models hair were actually burned creating an illusion to me. And although i gave the award for best laser cut dresses to Marchesa, Giles is definitely in the run for the award :)

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